Phase 2 trusted setup on BN254, based on Zcash phase 2 and Matter Labs powersoftau repostories.


Zero-knowledge signaling layer on Ethereum.

ZKP in WebAssembly

Exploring working with zkSNARKs in WebAssembly, online version available on


A fully-compatible implementation of Privacy Pass in Rust, as described in the blog post - https://kobigurk/2019/01/05/exploring-privacypass.html.

Sapling address tools

Zcash, since Sapling, supports the concept of diversified addresses. These are addresses derived from the same secret key, and are unlinkable among each other. The official Zcash client supports these addresses, but cannot generate them currently. This tool bridges this gap and can generate multiple addresses for the same key.


Real-time transaction visualizer for ethereum.


The first Ethereum ATM.


Node.JS implementation of Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payment.

Hurwitz Surfaces

Quaternion models for Hurwitz surfaces, under Prof. Michael Katz.

War on Ether (inactive)

Blockchain-based competitive game, similar to Core Wars.

TheDAOWisdom (inactive)

TheDAO price ticker from different exchanges.